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Ten years later—Why so little progress? (7 September 2011)
As the world marks the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, it seems that our nation has made scant progress in correcting the serious problems with public safety communications that hampered the efforts of first responders that terrible day, and that were subsequently highlighted in the 2004 9/11 Commission Report. It is not that money hasn't been spent, but there doesn't seem to be much to show in the way of tangible progress. Furthermore, some of the new radio technologies seem to be falling short, as is highlighted in the article Firefighters balk at new digital radios, as failures risk lives authored by Lydia Mulvaney and Greg Gordon. The BiPartisan Policy Center's Tenth Anniversary Report Card on the Status of the 9/11 Commission Recommendations also documents the disappointing progress (ref. page 14) made during the past decade towards improving public safety communications, and highlights the lack of effective political leadership.
As communications systems technologists, we have to wonder how our industry has failed to deliver on promises of reliable, interoperable communications. Are we rushing to implement standards that were outdated by the mid 1990s? Have the unique requirements of first responders been adequately factored into the standards and designs? Is there effective third-party testing and evaluation of communications systems that address real-world operating environments? There is much our industry has to answer to.
As the smartphones and tablets in the market today clearly demonstrate, we have made enormous progress in communications technologies over the past decade, but neither the smartphone, nor the traditional brick public safety radio, seems capable of meeting the essential requirements of first responders. Clearly there is a vital need to achieve more, without necessarily having to spend more. The right solutions are often the most cost-effective, while inappropriate solutions cost more than they should in both dollars and lives.


Interisle News

March 2014
Name Collisions at WPNC

Interisle partner Colin Strutt has been invited to present at the Workshop and Prize on Root Causes and Mitigation of Name Collisions (WPNC) 8–10 March 2014 in London. The title of his talk is "Looking at as a proxy for .corp" where he presents results of analyzing name collisions in DNS queries to and suggests approaches for ISPs and similar organizations to prepare to support users before and after delegation of new gTLDs.

February 2014
Streaming Video and the Internet

Video now constitutes as much as half of consumer Internet traffic, and is growing rapidly. This puts pressure on ISPs, leading to peering disputes and other issues with the video providers, notably Netflix. Interisle partner Fred Goldstein explores why streaming video is not just another application in his article "Streaming Video Isn't Playing Nice With the Internet".

February 2014
Why the Internet is, by Definition, Ungovernable

Following on from his presentation "Internet by Definition" at the e-Conference "Is There A Third Way For The Internet: Neither The US Nor The UN But Independence?", Interisle partner Fred Goldstein expanded this into an article on the subject, "Why the Internet is, by Definition, Ungovernable".

January 2014
Name Collisions at Domain pulse

Interisle partner Colin Strutt has been invited to present at Domain pulse 2014 (being held 20–21 February 2014 in Salzburg, Austria) on the results of the Name Collision Study that Interisle conducted for ICANN.

November 2013
Internet by Definition

On November 12, Interisle partner Fred Goldstein was a panelist in the e-Conference "Is There A Third Way For The Internet: Neither The US Nor The UN But Independence?", sponsored by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) of the Columbia University Business School.
His presentation "Internet by Definition" (which begins around 1:07:50) explained why the Internet, as a set of voluntary agreements, cannot actually be governed, though its participants may trust coordination functions, which are essentially consultative.

August 2013
Interisle's DNS Name Collision Report Posted

Interisle's report on Name Collision in the DNS has been posted by ICANN.

August 2013
Interisle provided input to the FCC

Interisle partner Fred Goldstein has filed these Comments with the FCC in the recent docket concerning whether, or how, non-carrier Interconnected Voice over IP service providers should have direct access to telephone numbers. He points out how some of the suggested methods could have a destabilizing effect on the public switched telephone network.








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